VPM Job Description

National Board Position Description

Vice President of Membership

Position Description: The Vice President of Membership is responsible for verifying membership eligibility, reviewing existing requirements for membership and overseeing new member intake.

Reports to: National President

Directly Oversees: Regional Advisors, Chapter Associate Member Educators

• Familiarity with database maintenance and administration
• Experience with Expression Engine and Word Press are a plus, but not required
• Familiarity with hazing and risk management policies
• In-depth understanding of associate member process
• In-depth understanding of national membership requirements

• Maintain accurate, up to date records of Sorority membership including all current and previously affiliated individuals
• Provide membership reports to the National Executive Board biannually
• Oversee Regional Advisors and arrange monthly phone or online meetings with the regional advisors.
• Review adherence to membership guidelines and verify new member eligibility.
• Maintain and continually assess the membership requirements for the Sorority
• Distribute associate member paperwork and materials (e.g. associate member manual, contracts)
• Collect new member paperwork and approves nicknames for potential initiates
• Collect chapter paperwork each term to verify membership and eligibility (eg. roster and grade verification)
• Ensure that all members maintain the required GPA to remain active in the Sorority
• Assist the Expansion Committee Chair with review of applications from prospective new members
• Oversee new chapter completion of probation period following expansion
• Oversee the new member education and recruitment process nationwide
• Monitors adherence to national anti-hazing, risk management and new member education policies
• Supervision and training of chapter Associate Member Educators

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