Treasurer Job Description

National Board Position Description


Position Description: The National Treasurer is the chief financial officer of the national organization.

Reports to: National President

Directly Oversees: Chapter Treasurers

• Familiarity with basic accounting software and methods

• In charge of all sorority funds, except those maintained at the local chapter level
• Assists in the creation of the national fiscal budget
• Manages fiscal budget set forth by the National Executive Board
• Arrange the biennial audit of financial records
• Completion and submission of state and federal taxes documents
• Collect financial statements and records for each chapter monthly
• Maintain accurate records of deposits, reimbursements and balance of national accounts including copies of deposited checks, receipts for reimbursements and itemize lists of reimbursements
• Distribution of detailed invoices of outstanding balances to chapters, members and National Board members at the beginning of each semester
• Collection of national dues biannually
• Preparation and distribution of a biannual treasury report to the National Executive Board including: national account transactions, national deposits, list of reimbursements, and collected and outstanding dues
• Maintains regular contact with chapter treasurers and awareness of chapter financial status
• Supervision and training of chapter treasurers

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