Secretary Job Description

National Board Position Description


Position Description: The National Secretary is the chief recorder and correspondent of the national organization.

Reports to: National President

Directly Oversees: Chapter Secretaries

• Familiarity with database maintenance and administration (MS Access and Excel)
• Familiarity with word processing software (MS Word)
• In-depth knowledge of Robert’s Rules

• Records minutes for all National Board meetings and makes them available to all board members (e.g. post on Yahoogroup)
• Receives and compiles all monthly National Board reports and makes them available to all board members (e.g. post on Yahoogroup)
• Keeps records of all other meetings, announcements, and events as appropriate
• Keeps records of current chapter mailing addresses
• Maintain records of announcements and reports from the National Board
• Maintain archive of messages on National Board yahoogroup
• Official custodian of the National Constitution and Bylaws, administrative records, and reports
•  Coordinate amendment proposal process by working with chapter secretaries and all sisters to make updates to the National documents
• Maintains records of incorporation, trademark, copyright and similar business transactions
• Dispatch notice of meetings to all chapters and members as appropriate
• Responsible for submitting official reports as required
• Supervision of chapter secretaries, and secretary training
• Ensure the implementation of Roberts Rules at all chapters
• Ensure chapter secretaries are maintaining organized minutes, records and chapter archives

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