Regional Advisor Job Description

National Board Position Description

Regional Advisor

Position Description:. Regional Advisors serve as the primary liaison between chapters in their region and the National Board.

Reports to: Vice President of Membership

Directly Oversees: Chapters and Associate Chapters in their region

• In-depth understanding of the associate member process, national constitution and bylaws and chapter bylaws
• Competency in mediation and conflict resolution

• Maintain open, consistent communication with chapters in the region on a monthly basis
• Serve as the liaison between the chapters and the National Board, aiding in communication.
• Assist chapters in compliance with standards and regulations set by the Sorority’s National Constitution, Bylaws and policies, Chapter Bylaws and FIPG policies.
• Follow up on requests from the National Executive Board; including recruitment dates and procedures, chapter events, paperwork and overall status.
• Plan annual regional retreat
• Plan meetings and workshops as needed within the region
• Maintain regular contact with Chapter Advisors (i.e. faculty, Pan Hellenic, etc.).
• Assist in the planning on National Convention held in designated region.
• Serve as an advisor and mediator in chapter/associate chapter issues.
• Assist in maintaining accurate records regarding the chapter membership (roster, alumnae lists).
• Assure that chapters have submitted annual/biannual reports and other information in a timely manner.
• Assist newly initiated chapters in acclimating to proper associate/chapter operating procedures and guidelines.
• Ensure that all reports are submitted on time and complete

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