Associate Tribunal Job Description

National Board Position Description

Associate Tribunal

Position Description: The Associate Tribunals serves with the Chief Tribunal on the National Judicial Board which presides over all judicial meetings, hearings and investigations.

Reports to: Chief Tribunal

• In-depth understanding of the National Constitution and Bylaws

• Serve as disciplinarian in matters of membership and comportment
• Serve as an alternate contact for reporting hazing allegations, sister misconduct or other disciplinary matters
• Participate with the Chief Tribunals in the hearing, writing and decision on all controversies
• Assist the Chief Tribunal with information gathering and investigation as necessary
• Participate in site visits during the investigation of all matters
• Prepare and circulate written opinions on each controversy brought before the Judicial Board
• Assist in the review of the national constitution, national bylaws and chapter bylaws
• Serve as an alternate contact for law enforcement, university representatives and media relating to matters currently brought before the Judicial Board

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