Our Vision, Mission, & Values


Empowering socially-engaged leaders of an intercultural community.


The mission of Delta Xi Phi Multicultural Sorority, Inc. is to develop and empower culturally-engaged members by creating inclusive communities, cultivating diverse collaborative relationships, and serving as catalysts for promoting multicultural awareness in local and global communities.


Multicultural Awareness

Delta Xi Phi thrives on open-minded acceptance and inclusion. Members shall be leaders in their communities, and have the courage and will to challenge stereotypes, fight for social justice, and promote awareness of cultural diversity and individuality.

Community Service

Delta Xi Phi contributes to the community through members’ selfless commitment to service. Members develop a service mindset identifying needs in the community, highlighting the need for change, and taking the initiative to intervene.

Advancement of Women

Delta Xi Phi has been committed to the advancement of women since its inception. It continues to promote success of women through education in college and beyond. It is committed to the pursuit of equality and urges members to expose and defy barriers against women.


Delta Xi Phi is a national network of personal advocates and support. Members provide a shared commitment to the organization’s values, ritual, and traditions.


Delta Xi Phi promotes inter-organizational relationships built and sustained through collaboration and programming.


Delta Xi Phi members contribute to society through their commitment to the founding pillars and leadership. Delta Xi Phi nurtures responsibility, passion, and forward thinking in its membership.

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