Letter from the President

Sisters and friends of Delta Xi Phi Multicultural Sorority, Inc., 
My name is Nikita DeBarros, also known as “ADANNA” #58 of the Kamaria Line, and I am an alumna of the Rho Chapter at the University of New Hampshire. I have been a member of the National Board of Directors of Delta Xi Phi for the last 5 years. As of July 1, 2018, we transitioned into a new term which brought forth new energy to add to the collective knowledge, experience, passion instilled in the seasoned members of our board. I am humbled and honored to now serve in the role of National President for the 2018-2020 term. I am proud to have the opportunity to work alongside a strong group of alumnae to support and empower our members and their chapters.
In times like these, our purpose as an organization rings deep and true to for not only our members but for the communities we serve as a collective. Our passion for multicultural awareness encompasses both educating ourselves and spreading that knowledge to those we encounter in order to make this world a more compassionate and loving place. We hold dear the notion that service and philanthropy are vital to that mission. We will continue to engage in support and uplifting our members and supporters to seek higher education and self-advancement as an avenue for success. Most importantly, the sisterhood and friendships we have created will guide us through times of peril and celebrate us in times of triumph.
I am confident that the next two years, with the support and guidance of our National Board of Directors, will prove to be some of our best years yet. We are embarking on our 25th anniversary as an organization, which calls for reflection and celebration. The structure of our National Board has changed to better serve our actives and alumnae. We are using technology to build connections and sisterhood across the country (and across the world). Our National Leadership Conference will continue to serve the professional, academic, and social development of our members. Through it all, our National Board is dedicated to increasing collaboration and avenues of support for our organization and within our sisterhood.
As your president, I can promise that I will lead with integrity, transparency, and compassion. I am grateful to have you all on this journey with me. I am even more excited to be working with my fellow National Board members and I look forward to introducing them to you in the next few weeks.
With sisterly love, 


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