National Board Spotlight: Jessica Noviello

Jessica “Annalina” Noviello
Associate Tribunal

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We are happy to welcome Jessica Noviello to the National Board of Delta Xi Phi! Jessica joins us for her first term on the board as an Associate Tribunal. A member of the Lambda Chapter, Jessica graduated from Johns Hopkins University with a degree in Physics, Earth and Planetary Sciences. Originally from New York, she has relocated to Arizona to further pursue her education at Arizona State University where she is currently a Ph.D. candidate in planetary geology. Jessica, who will be working closely with our Chief Tribunal, hopes to reduce conflict and educate members on our governing policies. We are confident that her impeccable work ethic and passion will help her do just that and more!

Read on to learn all about Jessica:

1.) What are you most excited about for this term?
I am most excited to visit other chapters and meet the active sisters across the country. Even though we all believe in the same pillars and common goals, each chapter has different traditions, community service projects, and academic initiatives that help the sisters cooperate and achieve their own personal goals. I love seeing those mechanisms in action!

2.) What are your big goals for your position?
One of my goals is to increase communication between alumnae and active sisters, and I have started working on that with the help of Nikita, our wonderful VP, and the Alumnae Liaisons through a project called “Sister Speak.” It will be a place for sisters to submit questions on advice or sorority administration for the National Board and other qualified sisters to answer. I think it will help open up communication, start discussions, and identify shortcomings in our Constitution and By-laws. As an Associate Tribunal, I will also work to make sure all actives are fully aware of when to report a violation of a National or chapter rule and how to resolve it, either by alerting the Tribunals or by handling it on a local level through conflict mediation and resolution practices.

3.) What was your favorite time or memory from being an active?
I have so many great memories of being an active sister in the Lambda chapter, but one of my favorites was during my senior year. Our mascot is the white bengal tiger, and since tiger numbers are dangerously low in the wild, we thought we could call attention to tiger conservation. During that year’s Johns Hopkins Spring Fair, every sister volunteered to collect money from patrons on behalf of tiger conservation, and we ended up donating almost $300 to the World Wildlife Fund. It’s my favorite memory because it was a new tradition that I helped to start, and I think it truly made a difference.

4.) What do you most enjoy about your city? Your job/career?
I moved to Tempe, AZ two years ago to start grad school, and most of the time it’s a great place to live (when it’s not 110+ degrees, anyway). The public transportation is pretty easy to use, and as a college town there are always festivals, events, art shows, culture shows, and activities to do. I love the landscape out here; as a geologist and enthusiastic hiker, I love to be surrounded by the mountains and the dormant volcanoes that we have out here. I think cacti are pretty cool too! As for my studies, the best part is solving the problems that research presents. It’s frustrating, but rewarding. I try to pause every so often to remind myself that we have pictures of planets and moons that are hundreds of millions of miles away, things that no human could have ever seen without the decades of work that went into these missions. And we still have so many questions! It’s humbling but exhilarating to realize that one day I may be the first person to see something new on a distant world.

5.) Any advice for our current active sisters?
My best advice would be to be honest with yourself about what you want. Speak up and advocate for yourself if you need to! Once you know what you want, it’s much easier to prioritize your tasks in order to reach your personal goal, whatever that is.

6.) What do you enjoy outside of work and the sorority?
Outside of work and the sorority, I enjoy cooking new food, hiking, running, swimming, practicing Krav Maga, reading, traveling to new places to explore cool geology, and playing PokemonGo. I am very much a 90s kid!

7.) In closing, what else should we know about you?
I love dinosaurs. I know all about them and I keep up with the scientific literature in paleontology so I know the most up-to-date information. I’ve even been to a paleontology conference, where I got to meet face to face with paleontologists from around the world. In my senior year at Hopkins, I made a documentary called “Behind the Bones” about paleontology as a field and the people who work inside it so I could show the public that paleontology is more than just Jurassic Park. I am currently working on a follow-up series where I explain geologic features I see as I travel for work, school, or fun in shorter videos to teach people about the geology around them.

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