National Board Spotlight: Monica Longoria

Monica “Aydan” Longoria
Vice President of Membership


Monica Longoria, a founding sister of the Omega Associate Chapter, has begun her first term on the National Board as our Vice President of Membership. We are lucky enough to have all three founding members from our associate chapter at Samford University on the board this term (learn more about her line sisters Kaitlin and Kelsey). Monica graduated in 2013, with a degree in Graphic Design, and has since been an involved alumnae with intentions to give back to Delta Xi Phi on a larger scale. She has jumped headfirst into her responsibilities as our new VPM and we cannot wait to see all the brilliant, exciting ideas that she will grace us with!

Read on to get to know more about Monica:

1.) What are you most excited about for this term?
I’m excited about exploring how we can better streamline processes, especially in regards to marketing and recruitment. In order for us to make real impact in our communities, I believe we have to have as smooth and efficient operations as possible. I think this term will be a great learning experience for everyone.

2.) What are your goals for your position?
My biggest goal is to create a recruitment materials library. As a graphic design major, I literally went into DXP with the mission of creating marketing materials for the chapter. I have done so many posters, flyers and handouts over the years, and I’m sure other chapters have a repository as well. If I can help ease the stress of marketing for recruitment, that would be a huge win for me!

3.) What was your favorite time or memory from being an active?
My favorite memory was our Beta line crossing. As a founding sister at a not so diverse-minded school, I had no idea if anyone else would even want to join this type of organization. When our Beta line crossed, all of the work we had put into getting the chapter started had been validated. Every time a new line crosses, I feel a sense of joy that a small group’s decision to stand up for what they believe can make an impact in the lives of people they have never even met.

4.) What do you most enjoy about your city? Your job/career?
I always tell people, Atlanta is the NYC of the South. All of the job opportunities without the snow! I work as a sales research analyst in the advertising/media industry. It is my job to help sales people tell their story using data. I came to the conclusion that no matter what I am doing, I want to be a storyteller! I work for a great company that let’s me be my whole self and supports my career growth so I’m not looking to leave anytime soon. On the side, I do freelance design work and recently started two business, a non-profit for rescued animals and a food business.

5.) Any advice for our current active sisters?
In everything you do, consider if your actions are living up to our pillars. The two I feel are the easiest to overlook are sisterhood and friendship. Make sure your chapter is facilitating the creation of those bonds. If it isn’t, then it is time to reevaluate how the chapter runs itself. Even if you are not in a leadership role, speak up if this is a concern! Don’t let pain and frustration bubble up inside! If you are a leader, acknowledge and act when your sisters’ needs are not being met. When things get tough, your sisters should come together, not push each other away. If I could do it over, I would put more emphasis on spending quality time with my sisters. As a small chapter it was so easy to get caught up in putting out fires and the frenzy of “OMG, WE NEED TO RECRUIT MORE PEOPLE! WE NEED PEOPLE TO KNOW WHO WE ARE!” Those things are important, but you can’t forget to show your sisters some love and attention too!

6.) What do you enjoy outside of work and the sorority?
My biggest hobby right now is board games. I own almost 100 games + expansions. I got into the hobby about 2 years ago. I started a group at work that brings together employees across divisions for multiple game events a month. I recently decided to stop taking ballroom dance lessons after 3 years. I think I might try sewing next.

7.) In closing, any other personal things you want to share?
I have always had a love/hate relationship with my hair. In Florence Italy during my sophomore year, I decided to cut it all off. It’s been short ever since. My senior year, I shaved my head because hey, why not? It was in college I decided to stop putting myself in a box and push the boundaries of what it means to be me. Highly recommend testing your sense of self. Also, dogs=life.

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