National Board Spotlight: Jillian Hayes

Jillian “Taleza” Hayes
National Secretary


Jillian Hayes returns this term as our Secretary on the National Board of Delta Xi Phi. A sister from Rho, Jill graduated from the University of New Hampshire in May of 2015 with a degree in Journalism. She puts her expertise to good work, making sure that important details, dates, and events are recorded properly. Not to mention, she keeps all our commas in check. Jill’s contribution to the National Board stems beyond her grammar and expansive vocabulary skills as she genuinely speaks her mind and stands up for what she believes is best for our organization and our sisters. We know that Jill will continue to be an important piece of our 15-member team.

Get to know her a little bit more:

1.) What are you most excited about for this term?
I’m pumped to get to know and work with our new board members, and equally pumped for the regional summits. Now that we’ve had the first round of them, the second round will inevitably be even bigger and better. It’s great getting to meet so many different sisters and frighten them with my unique combination of uncomfortable awkwardness and wit.

2.) What are your goals for your position or for the sorority?
Two words: world domination. DELTA XI PHI TAKEOVER!

3.) What was your favorite time or memory from being an active?
I never know how to answer this question because I have so many moments and memories that I hold near and dear to my heart. From Rho chapter retreats in a castle to National Conventions around the nation to creating and fostering irreplaceable friendships with sisters I love and admire… I’d have an easier time picking out the moments and memories I could live without because there are so few of them.

4.) What do you most enjoy about your city? Your job/career?
I recently moved back to my tiny hometown and am currently a nanny because I’m basically having an existential crisis and have no idea what to do or where to go or what my purpose in life is… Can I get an amen from all of my equally terrified sisters!?

5.) Any advice for our current active sisters?
Advice for current active sisters… 1) No employers ask you what your college GPA was on a job interview, so stop obsessing over a 4.0, remember to exhale, and enjoy your college experience. 2) Don’t let anyone silence you. 3) Choose your battles wisely. You can’t win them all, so devote your energy to the ones that matter most to you. 4) CALL YOUR PARENTS. They worry. 5) Be the kind of friend who holds hair back during the aftermath and an “eventful” evening. 6) Catch as many Pokémon as you can.

6.) What do you enjoy outside of work and the sorority?
I rock red boots and whip around a golden lasso while fighting crime in my spare time. You’re welcome, world.

7.) In closing, what else should we know about you?
I can recite every word to every episode in all ten seasons of Friends. No, that’s not an exaggeration. So… I’m clearly the coolest cat around. Speaking of which, my cat is better than yours. #frankthefeline

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