National Board Spotlight: Kelsey Hall

Kelsey “Zoloto” Hall
South Regional Advisor


Another new addition to our National Board, Kelsey Hall is ready to be an ally and asset to our southern chapters as the South Regional Advisor. Kelsey joins both Kaitlin and Monica (look out for her spotlight in the coming weeks) to round out the trio of founding sisters of our Omega Associate Chapter who have all returned to renew their involvement in Delta Xi Phi on another level. Currently, Kelsey is a pharmacist in her hometown of Louisville, KY. We know that Kelsey will exude the same passion and dignity that she brings to work each day to her work with our southern chapters. Being a member of one of our southern chapters will also prove to be an advantage in Kelsey’s pursuit to help our sisters navigate the unique challenges of Greek Life in that part of the country. We are happy to have Kelsey aboard this term!

1.) What are you most excited about for this term?
I am so happy to be joining the National Board and to take on a more active role in the sorority again.  I look forward to getting to know the sisters in my region better, as well as the other ladies serving on the board.

2.) What are some of your goals for your position?
My goal for the southern region and for the whole sorority is increased communication and unity.  I think there has been a disconnect between the actives and the national board in the past, but I think we are all working really hard to improve that relationship.  I plan on checking in on the chapters in the south frequently to make sure they know I am here for them.

3.) What was your favorite time or memory from being an active?
Hmm, that’s tough.  There are so many good memories, but I would have to say my first convention stands out.  After working so hard to establish our associate chapter, it was so neat to meet sisters from other chapters across the nation!  We had been so focused on our school and our issues and it reminded me that our sisterhood is so much bigger than just one university.  Sharing stories, advice and tips with the other chapters made me even more confident in the roots we had planted in our Omega associate chapter.

4.) What do you most enjoy about your city? Your job/career?
There has been a lot of change for me in the past year.  I moved back home to Louisville, KY after finishing school in May 2015.  It is refreshing to be back in my hometown which is at the same time familiar and brand new, since a lot has changed in the six years I was absent.  I love being close to family and old friends and exploring the city.  Louisville has some beautiful parks and great restaurants, so I’ve been enjoying those as well.

I am still adjusting to my new role as a pharmacist.  I love that my job allows me to engage with the public and use my clinical knowledge and problem solving skills to help others.  I am able to get to know my patients personally and have an impact on their health.

5.) Any advice for our current active sisters?
If there is something that you really want to do, then go for it!  Sometimes the most rewarding experiences require hard work and diligence, but if you are willing to work for it you can get it done.  I know a lot of people (including myself, at times) questioned whether I would be able to fully commit to joining a sorority while also attending pharmacy school.  The easy option would have been to quit, but I knew that Delta Xi Phi was really important to me and I refused to give it up.  Time management is key- specifically, know your priorities.  Where you spend the majority of your time will reflect what you really value the most.

6.) What do you enjoy outside of work and the sorority?
I really like cooking and testing out new recipes.  Sometimes if I’m missing a couple ingredients, I view it as a challenge to see if I can substitute something else.  My family is usually happy to taste test my experiments, since they usually turn out pretty well. I also enjoy hiking and camping, and recently went on a backpacking trip with Girl Scouts on the Appalachian Trail. If I’m not cooking or hiking, I’m probably traveling, reading, or watching Parks and Recreation reruns on Netflix.

7.) In closing, what else would you like to share?
I love dogs, so if you have any cute puppy pictures to share we can be friends.  I have a phonographic memory- anything set to music I can memorize. Oh, and I am left handed.  

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