National Board Spotlight: Kaitlin DeFoor

Kaitlin “Pasia” DeFoor
National Treasurer


We welcome Kaitlin back for her second term on the National Board! Over the last two years, Kaitlin has served as an Associate Tribunal, working to support chapters and members through judicial procedures, and has recently transitioned into her new role on the executive board as our National Treasurer. Kaitlin is a founding sister of our Omega Associate Chapter and has been a passionate alumna since graduating from Samford University in 2012. Kaitlin currently lives in Chattanooga, TN, works for Coca-Cola Refreshments as a Training Coordinator, and is completing a Master of Public Administration degree at Arkansas State University. We are happy to have Kaitlin’s enthusiasm, dedication, and positivity as a continuing force in our organization!

Here is what Kaitlin would like to share with her sisters:

1.) What are you most excited about for this term?
I am most excited about being in a new position! I think being on the executive board will give me a greater ability to influence the organization and give back. My favorite memory of being on the board so far is becoming better friends and sisters with the women in our sorority! I returned to the board because I wanted to continue to give back. I’m also really excited to serve with the other founding sisters of Omega!

2.) What are some of your goals for the sorority?
I’d like to see the sorority become more unified. I want the national board to gain more respect and I want see us form a better relationship with actives.

3.) What was your favorite time or memory from being an active?
My favorite memory of being an active is crossing at Erien’s house. Most of the National Board was present and it was a huge moment. Samford students told us we couldn’t do it, Samford faculty said we couldn’t, and we did. Now that the sorority is doing so much on campus it just confirms we did the right thing.

4.) What do you most enjoy about your city?
I think of it as a “big little city.” It has all the benefits of a city and all the benefits of a small town. I also live downtown, yet outside of a hiking and mountain biking trail, so that’s cool.

5.) Any advice for our current active sisters? Life advice? Career Advice? Academic Advice?
– BE HONEST. Be honest with yourself about what you want. Be honest with others about what you want.
– Career Advice: Work hard like you have something to prove because you do. Being a young woman in a professional setting will never be easy. Make sure people have no reason not to respect you.
– Academic Advice: You get out of it what you put into it.

6.) What do you enjoy outside of work and the sorority?
I’m in grad school. I like reading. I like family dinners with my boyfriend and roommate. I like Netflix. I just finished The League and I’m working on Mr. Robot now. I also want to run a marathon.

7.) In closing, what else should we know about you?
I have two orange cats, Thor and Widgit. I like mountain biking. I want to plan a beach trip after I get my Masters.

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