The 2016-18 Board of Directors

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My time on the National Board has been one of the most rewarding, educational and challenging experiences during my time as a sister.  Every term and the women that have served alongside me have provided valuable lessons, friendship and support.  As our newest Board of Directors gets up and running I am excited to see where this group will take us.  In the upcoming months we’ll introduce you to everyone one at a time but I have been so excited to kick things off with our first board meeting later today that I wanted to give you a sneak peak into our newest group of board members.

The National Board itself is composed of 15 members.  Each position is filled by a Delta Xi Phi alumna who volunteers her time, passion, and often finances to keep the sorority moving forward.  The board consists of 6 executive board members, 3 judicial board members, 4 regional advisors, 2 alumnae liaisons and an expansion chair. Yes, that’s 16 – the Chief Tribunal is a member of both the executive and judicial boards.

A few of these ladies will be familiar faces.  I’m back starting my 12th year on the board.  Hopefully that says more about how much I love my sisters and my organization and less about my sanity. Jill Hayes is returning to continue putting her journalism background and love of editing to good use serving as our National Secretary.  Charisse Bourne is a New York attorney by day and, aptly, will be returning as an Associate Tribunal.  There are 4 other board members returning that will be entering new positions.  Nikita DeBarros has been a champion for the eastern chapters as their Regional Advisor and will be stepping in as Executive Vice President.  Kaitlin DeFoor, prior Associate Tribunal, has been inspired by her MPA classes and is eager to keep us in line financially as our National Treasurer. Emily Mennenga is transitioning from Midwest Regional Advisor to Chief Tribunal and hoping the chapters stay off the judicial board’s radar.  Ambrosia Solis has spent the year focused on alumnae nationwide as Alumnae Liaison and wanted to focus her efforts closer to home as West Regional Advisor.

We also have 8 fresh new faces that became alumnae in the last 4 years.  After serving as a district representative in the midwest, Elizabeth Mason is stepping up to serve as Midwest Regional Advisor.  A great place to fine tune the skills she’s learning getting her Masters in Higher Education.  Rho Chapter is making its presence known with 4 national board members.  Joining Nikita and Jill, are Monique Raymond, Expansion Chair, and Lindsay Gross, East Regional Advisor.  The 3 Omega alpha line alumnae have all joined the board this year.  Monica Longoria, VP of Membership, and Kelsey Hall, South Regional Advisor, join Kaitlin to fill out the trio.  The west coast sisters have also come out in force.  Our Alumnae Liaisons, Jaci Wilson (Beta) and Ivy Sanchez (Mu) are both California girls.  As are Ambrosia and transplanted former east-coaster Monique.  Associate Tribunal Jessica Noviello hasn’t quite made it coast to coast yet but resides in Arizona after finishing college on the east coast.

It’s still early but I think there are a few potential conflicts and some made-for-each other moments in our future.  Elizabeth says she loves Pepsi; Kaitlin works for Coca-Cola.  Luckily, I think we can use Lindsay to distract Kaitlin from that conflict of interest. Kaitlin’s newest goal is to get a greyhound; Lindsay helps with greyhound rescue.  Several sisters have found ways to use their careers to channel their commitment to community service. Jill works assisting individuals with special needs, Ivy focuses on children with special needs and Monique is busy with AmeriCorps.  Halloween is going to be kind of a big deal – Nikita and Charisse both share their birthdays with the holiday.

We are a group of professionals, students and volunteers.  Artists, musicians, travelers and exercise junkies.  Scientists, journalists and analysts.  Doctors, pharmacists and lawyers.  Gardeners, chefs and gamers.  We love our cats, dogs, friends, families and our sisters.


Above all, we can agree on the importance of Delta Xi Phi in our lives and the impact it can have on others. I think our shared vision shines through in the comments when I asked why they wanted to join the national board.

“I wanted to support my sorors.” “I am excited to give back to the sorority,” “I want to help sisters from other chapters have an amazing experience in Delta Xi Phi as I did.”  “The sisterhood was a place of warmth, support, and compassion when I was an active sister.” “This sisterhood has given me more than I can even begin to describe.” “DXP helped me become the person I am.” “I owe a lot of … my growth as a person to Delta Xi Phi.” “I wanted to give back that opportunity to others,” and “ensure that it continues changing lives for sisters past, present, and future.”

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