2016 Annual Report

This year has been one of new beginnings, changes and revitalization for our organization.  This is the first year that we have not had a National Convention in over a decade.  Regrettably, participation dropped significantly over the prior years, and in 2015 the decision was made at the General Assembly Meeting to transition to a regional model.  Only 63 sisters (45 active members, 6 alumnae and 12 national board members) made the trip to attend the 2015 National Convention.  Participation has been significantly improved through the Regional Summits reaching 100% of active chapters.  In total, 140 sisters attended at least one Regional Summit including all 13 national board members and 14 alumnae representing a 222% increase in total participation from the 2015 convention.  The financial expense nationally of planning and hosting the conferences including chapter funding to attend has been reduced by nearly 50% (approximately $7,000).

The increased participation and reduced expense is encouraging as we continue to assess and revise our program offerings over the upcoming years.  We hope to nurture the sense of national sisterhood that was previously encouraged by a national meeting and continue to expand the content included in the Summit programs.  This change also prompted us, for the first time, to broadcast the national General Assembly Meeting live online for sisters to view and participate from home.


We have experienced difficulty with our prior website host and maintenance team.  We have terminated our prior affiliations and hired an independent contractor who has migrated the website and database to our servers.  While we are continuing to update and restore the website the functionality of the site and the sister portal has been restored.   Additionally we focused on expanding and enriching our social media presence nationally.  We were one of the first organizations to join the national #ReThinkGreek movement.  We can be followed at:

Facebook: DeltaXiPhiHQ         (https://www.facebook.com/DeltaXiPhiHQ/)
Instagram: Deltaxiphi             (https://www.instagram.com/deltaxiphi/)
Twitter: DeltaXiPhiHQ            (https://twitter.com/deltaxiphihq)
Website: www.deltaxiphi.com

As the database migration is completed we have prepared to update member information and continue working to get all active and alumnae member accounts activated.  We are working to add additional demographic and membership tracking information to expand our analytical capabilities and assist with completion of the annual NMGC demographic survey.

National Multicultural Greek Council.  Delta Xi Phi representatives have attended the fall and spring meetings this year and continue to serve on the membership committee.  One new organization, Delta Xi Nu, has been added to the National Multicultural Greek Council this year.


Active sisters at conclusion of academic year: 223
Members initiated this year: 107
Total members initiated: 1345
Alumnae in good standing: 785
New Chapters: 1
Iota gained Chapter Status May 23, 2016
New Associate Chapters: 1
Alpha Alpha Associate Chapter (Univ. of California – Berkeley) established May 2, 2016
Colonies: 2
Washington State University (Pullman, WA)
Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh, PA)


Active members completed a total of over 8,800 hours of service this year and raised more than $11,000 for philanthropic causes.   Of the money raised, nearly $9,000 was raised for Delta Xi Phi’s national philanthropy: the American Cancer Society.


We have expanded the National Board manual and increased our onboarding and transition plans for the new term.  We hope to continue progress on our training and transition programs and documents to ensure even better transitions in the future.


Delta Xi Phi has been operating on a stable budget with a net proceed throughout the year of $5,763.  Outstanding balances due to the organization total approximately $1,800.


This is the first year, following changes to the constitution, that alumnae have had a vote during the General Assembly Meeting.  This vote is cast on behalf of the alumnae by the alumnae liaisons.  An alumnae climate survey was completed this year and allowed guidance in the creation of ongoing planning and programs.  The Secret Sister program remains one of our programs with the largest alumnae involvement and is planned to continue.


21 amendment proposals to clarify the constitution or reflect current policy were voted on and approved at the General Assembly Meeting in April.  The meeting minutes as well as the updated National Constitution are available in the Sister Portal.

This year included an amendment proposal to change the traditional “associate mother” and “daughter” terminology to “big sister” and “little sister.”  This item was followed with much debate.  In favor of keeping the current terminology sisters cited maintaining our traditions and continuing uniformity among chapters.  Points raised in support of the change were potential negative associations with biological mother-daughter relationships and adapting to fit with other Greek organizations. Ultimately this proposal was not approved and the terminology remains unchanged.


The 2014-2016 National Board of Directors has completed their term.  We are saddened to see several long time members depart but excited to welcome 8 first time board members to start their terms this July.  As we look forward we continue to work on the items above and focus on enriching the member experience as part of Delta Xi Phi.  We anticipate that the value of Regional Summits will continue to expand and the logistics, programming and networking associated are developed.  We hope to work towards creation of financial opportunities for members such as additional scholarships for events such as study abroad or members with financial hardship preventing payment of dues.  We continue to explore learning management systems online and are working on plans to implement officer training, leadership, career development, networking and personal development opportunities for sisters.  Please feel free to reach us at any time to discuss your ideas, visions or concerns.  It is always advantageous to hear from our sisterhood.


On behalf of our 2014-2016 National Board, it has been an honor and a pleasure to continue working for the organization.

In Sisterhood,

Vicki Nelson
National President
Delta Xi Phi Multicultural Sorority, Inc.



National Executive Board National Officers
Vicki Nelson, President Charisse Bourne, Associate Tribunal
Brittany Savko, Executive Vice President Kaitlin DeFoor, Associate Tribunal
Jennifer Connell, Vice President of Membership Ambrosia Solis, Alumnae Liaison
Jillian Hayes, Secretary Nikita DeBarros, East Regional Advisor
Victoria Podsiadlo, Treasurer Emily Mennenga, Midwest Regional Advisor
Cassandra Collier, Chief Tribunal Erien Watson, South Regional Advisor
Jeanette Pavlik, West Regional Advisor



Sisters may download a formal version of the Annual Report from the Sister Portal.

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