Statement of Solidarity Regarding Recent Events

Delta Xi Phi Multicultural Sorority, Inc. Statement of Solidarity Regarding Recent Events

Chicago Ridge, Illinois USA – July 10th, 2016

Our hearts are heavy for the individuals and communities affected by the latest tragedies in this ongoing series of events surrounded by suffering and sorrow.  The recent deaths in Minnesota, Louisiana and Texas are nothing short of immeasurably tragic and needless.  Delta Xi Phi is first and foremost founded on multicultural awareness.  Acceptance and equality are ingrained in our identity and beliefs, and we encourage our members to eagerly pursue racial justice and stand up for what is right.  We are proud that our sisters are impacted and influenced by these unjust events as they stand strong with the black community, the law enforcement community and always behind those who need their support in the endless fight for equality.  These events provide an opportunity for reflection, education and action.  As an organization, it is our hope to empower and support our sisters as advocates for education, conflict resolution, social justice and human rights in their communities.

In order to encourage our members to reflect and share their experiences and opinions we will be making available several dates on the national blog for member posts.  Our aim is for this opportunity to serve as a forum for thoughtful reflection and raise awareness through sharing of personal experience.  Members are encouraged to send submissions to at their earliest convenience.

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