April National Board Spotlight Part 1: Erien Watson!

National Board Spotlight!
Each month we will feature a National Board member on the blog. One of our April spotlights is South Regional Advisor, Erien Watson!


As we move closer to summer, the DXP National Board always gets pumped for Convention…and that includes Erien!
“Convention is always my favorite part of being on the National Board. I’m super excited about this one in Atlanta. Having Convention back in the South is going to be so much fun! A lot of sisters have never visited the South and I love to show sisters new experiences within our diverse country.”


Speaking of the south, one of Erien’s big goals for this term is to expand the chapters in her region. “I feel like it’s hard to be a multicultural sorority in the South, however…we are trailblazers in this movement.”
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Erien brings a lot of great experience to the National Board as she was a member of our Gamma Associate Chapter at Mississippi State University. She hopes her region can grow so that more women can experience Delta Xi Phi and all our sorority has to offer!


When asked about her favorite college/DXP memory, Erien again references Convention. “Meeting new sisters across the country was always my favorite part of being in the sorority…so again, Convention was my favorite! Having those instant bonds with sisters that you have never met is a feeling like no other.” Erien mentions that even as an alum, she is still close with sisters she met at Convention all those years ago.


Erien was really jazzed to host Convention in her home city of Atlanta this summer, but a new job has recently moved her to New Orleans, Louisiana! She loves the culture of her new city, and references all the fun and excitement that is continually happening (festivals, concerts, & events galore)! As Mardi Gras is her favorite time of year, she’s grateful to have been able to experience it this year as a true NOLA citizen!
Outside of work and volunteering on the DXP National Board, Erien enjoys reading and traveling (especially when it involves beaches).
“My bookshelf has actually run out of space to put all of my books. I am obsessed with Harry Potter…that is my favorite series of all time!”
As Dumbledore gave advice to Harry, Erien has advice for all Delta Xi Phi active sisters: “just keep going. I know sometimes sorority life can be overwhelming and stressful, but you have to believe in what you are doing and continue to do it, because if not you – who?”
Sisters can look forward to meeting Erien in Atlanta this summer at #DXPConvention2015! She can also be reached at south@deltaxiphi.com.


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