National Board Spotlight: Emily Mennenga!

National Board Spotlight!

Each month we will feature one National Board member on the blog.

Our first spotlight for January is Midwest Regional Advisor, Emily Mennenga!


Emily is in her first term on the National Board and is excited to be serving as our Midwest Regional Advisor. In this role Emily oversees, advises, and communicates with our Midwest associate/chapters – Alpha, Delta, Eta, Xi, and Phi!
“I always thought about running for National Board when I was an active,” says Emily. “I knew I wanted to give back to the sorority because of how much the sorority had given to me.”
Emily has been very excited to reach out to the Midwest sisters and make herself available in her first few months as Midwest Regional Advisor. Two of her goals for this term include creating a more cohesive and interactive Midwest regional retreat (with as many sisters in attendance as possible!) and to be attentive and have an organic relationship with the chapters she advises. She is also excited about the new relationships she will have as a National Board member. She cites her first meeting this summer as an exciting time.
“Over such a short weekend, which I was sad to leave, I found that I was able to grow so much closer with [National Board] sisters I already knew well, and develop my relationships further with sisters I had [just recently met].”
As a recent alumna of the Eta Associate Chapter at Marquette University, Emily has many fond memories. She cites her time as President as one of the most exciting, after a greek life advisor wrote the chapter a recommendation letter for the student organization awards. 
The things she said about our chapter and organization as whole, brought me to tears,” says Emily. “I was so grateful that the work we were putting in as a chapter, and [that as] one of the smallest organizations on campus [we] were being recognized.” The chapter went on that night to receive the ‘Spirit of Marquette Award’ – one of the highest honors possible for student organizations.
The hard work, dedication, and passion Emily displayed during her time as an undergraduate sister has carried over into her work on the National Board. She encourages chapters to “never lose sight of the bigger picture,” and says that “Delta Xi Phi Multicultural Sorority, Inc. is a force to be reckoned with.”
In her free time, Emily enjoys watching Sons of Anarchy (which has since had its series finale), reading, and performing poetry. She first performed in March and has since attended 1-2 open mic nights each week! She was even asked to be involved in a production titled “Br(OK)en Genius.” 
“It was the most anticipated show of November in Milwaukee,” says Emily, “…and Lion King was in town!”
Originally from Illinois, Emily has embraced Milwaukee as home, and says she has learned so much about herself and different cultures during her time there. It even puts her in a perfect midwest location to be close to all of our chapters in the region! 


Delta Xi Phi is excited to have Emily on the National Board. If you would like to connect with her, please feel free to e-mail!


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