Call for a Commitment to Multicultural Awareness and Education on Inequality

In light of current events, including the Ferguson Grand Jury decision and the Spirit House Project investigations, the need for multicultural awareness and community education has again been highlighted in popular media.  We urge our members to continue their commitment to self-awareness, self-enlightenment and education of their communities.  Events such as these continue to draw awareness to deeper issues of inequality affecting the many ethnicities, nationalities, sexual identities and orientations, socio-economic backgrounds and so on that create the wealth of diversity among our membership and surrounding communities.

As individuals, many of our members have been touched by the recent events and we encourage each individual to dedicate themselves to the causes they feel passionate about.  We continue to support the rights to free speech and expression and the role of our sisters as advocates for their communities. We ask that efforts remain non-violent and encourage sisters to consider the audience and reception when delivering their message in a respectful and professional manner.

As an organization, we continue to commit ourselves to increasing multicultural awareness and the service of our communities.  We thrive on the diversity of our members, their beliefs and commitments to an array of causes.  We grow as an organization, as individuals and communities through the sharing of our knowledge and experience.  During the upcoming semester we encourage our chapters to reflect on their communities, consider their personal values and recommit to education and awareness of such inequalities through their programing.

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