Letter to My Sorors

Letter to My Sorors
Written by Gamma Alumna, Toni “Zorian” Johnson

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What are your plans for next semester? Are you planning to tackle some of the issues that are facing our nation today? No, these subjects aren’t light-hearted and fun but they are necessary.  Are you wondering how what is happening in other states affects you personally? You are a representation of progress. This organization is a face for change. It is a challenge to the mindsets of those around you.  Many will not like that this is what you represent.

We are based on five pillars, one being Increasing Multicultural Awareness. This means the understanding and acceptance of all ethnicities and respecting their cultural differences. Second, promoting the Advancement of Women through Higher Education so that young women can grow into powerful, educated leaders who will spearhead this country into progression and not digression. All the while, supporting one another through Sisterhood and Friendship – spreading love for one another. Lastly, we believe in a celebration of Community Service – meaning we love humanity so much that we want to actively make a difference in the community or a person’s life, simply because that person exists.

What is cultural awareness if it is not the fight for equality for everyone? What good are we if we are not challenging ourselves to face the inequalities staring us in the face? What a disservice we would be if we did not raise our voices for all. We are the makeup in which we expect our nation to be. How do we show our respective campuses that equality is not just a fantasy but a must?

We are an organization that was built on the premise for causing a change in the very psyche of people!

So, I pose the question, what programs are on your roster for the next semester?

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