National Board Spotlight – Kaitlin DeFoor (Associate Tribunal)!

National Board Spotlight!

Each month we will feature one National Board member on the blog.

November’s spotlight is Associate Tribunal, Kaitlin DeFoor!

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Kaitlin is in her first term on the National Board and is excited to be serving as Associate Tribunal! In this role Kaitlin works with the National Judicial Board to preside over all judicial meetings, hearings, and investigations.

“I’m most excited about being active in Delta Xi Phi again,” says Kaitlin. “Being on [the National Board] has afforded me an opportunity to give back to an organization that helped me realize my passion for change.”

One of Kaitlin’s goals, aside from fulfilling her duties as Associate Tribunal, is to help the National Board (NB) seem more accessible to active sisters.

“As a founding sister at Omega, I had a strong relationship with many NB members. Even as an active and alumna, I felt like the NB members were personally invested in my success as a sister and a person; it really helped me understand what my letters mean. I hope I can be as influential to actives as the National Board has been to me.”

Kaitlin’s passion for change doesn’t exist solely in the sorority – she works full-time as the Teen Program Coordinator for Girls, Inc. of Chattanooga, a non-profit organization that focuses on giving confidence to girls and responds to the changing needs of girls in their communities.

“Our mission is to inspire all girls to be strong, smart, and bold. I feel like I live out my letters every day. I love showing each girl the power she has to create change. Many girls feel powerless, and the best part of my job is teaching each girl about her individual agency.”

Kaitlin says the girls look to her as an example and role model, so she knows the importance of “living [her] letters” and strives to better herself each day. She firmly believes in the quote, “Action is the antidote to despair” by Joan Baez, her favorite folk singer, which to her means if someone is unhappy with something – whether in one’s personal life, at school, or in the government – he or she has the power to change it.

“You can’t change everything, but you can do everything in your power to affect change. If more people believed this, many problems in the world could be solved,” she says.


Fun fact: Kaitlin is the only National Board member to reside in Tennessee! She loves Chattanooga because of its small town feel, focus on the community, and its promotion of small businesses and local farmers.

“I also love the great outdoor recreation opportunities. Chattanooga is in the mountains and has a river, so pretty much every outdoor activity is available.”

Kaitlin’s interests outside of the sorority and work include mountain biking, hiking, and reconnecting with debate clubs by judging high school tournaments on the weekends. She has two cats, Thor and Widget, both of whom she loves dearly!

Two of her non-sorority related goals? To own an electric sheet bike and live where she can bike everywhere. Kaitlin sure is an adventurous Xi-Phi lady!


Delta Xi Phi is truly is lucky to have Kaitlin and her passion for change on the board this year. She looks forward to bringing positive change to each of the chapters in Delta Xi Phi.  If you’d like to connect with Kaitlin via e-mail, she can be reached at!

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