Friendship: Whether it Evolves or Not, Its Power is a Thing to Behold

“Friendship: Whether it Evolves or Not, Its Power is a Thing to Behold”
Written by Alumnae Liaison, Courtney Love

**Disclaimer: I’m a nerd and my point will be explained through video games**

“I will show you that my love for my friends permeates every cell of my body”-N (Pokemon B/W)

“You don’t have to explain a thing… I’m Jeff. I came because you called me. I’m not really strong, really near-sighted, kind of shy, and I tend to be a little reckless. This is just the way I am…I hope you want me to be your friend… okay?”-Jeff Andonuts (Earthbound)
As a sister said before me, you can’t have sisterhood without first having friendship. So, I’d like to think of friendship and sisterhood as…well, Pokemon. If you level up your friendship enough, the evolution cutscene starts and suddenly “Congratulations! Your Friendship evolved into Sisterhood!” Then we all rejoice and then bask in the powerful glow that is our newfound strength through each other. But hold on; if we’re talking Pokemon, not all Pokemon evolve. So what becomes of those friendships that don’t evolve into Sisterhood? Well one big answer to this question goes right with my “encapsulated fighting companions from Japan”-based analogy: Pokemon that don’t evolve can be just as strong as those who’ve evolved more than once; an evolution of status isn’t the only way to strengthen a bond with someone.

To continue my point, I’ll travel to another of my personal favorites the Mother Trilogy. This game thrives on friendship (and psychic powers) and drives home the notion of how powerful friendships that don’t turn into sisterhood can be. It’s a simple formula: 3 kids + 1 big adventure + bits of symbolism for growing up = some serious bonding time for 3 kids. Since this game is based on good old America it’s safe to say that these kids aren’t transforming into anything BUT through their shared and personal experiences on this epic journey they are growing and learning new techniques to help each other along the way. It even goes to the point that the kids call on the friends they’ve made throughout their journey to help them in the final battle. Even if it is a bit cheesy, if that doesn’t show the power of friendship then I don’t know what will.

Friends are indeed a powerful thing and in a sorority with pillars like ours they are an invaluable resource. After all, how can we increase multicultural awareness, lift up our fellow women, and create the bond of sisterhood with one another without first fostering friendships with others and creating bonds that are powerful in their own right? When I joined the Xi Chapter of Delta Xi Phi I actually had the pleasure of being friends with many of the ladies beforehand, so my relationship with them is an example of how a friendship can actually evolve into a sisterhood. I was also a member of a tight-knit theatre organization in which I truly developed deep bonds with all of the members … without having those friendships evolve into sisterhood. So, who’s to say that the bonds we create with one another can’t come back to us in a huge way? Yes, they may not generate enough psychic energy to destroy an entity of pure evil … or create a force so powerful that one of you transforms into something beyond your wildest dreams and defeats and subsequently befriends a creature only heard of in legends … but those circumstances don’t apply to us. The power of friendship does different things for different people.

Your friendships with others can do big things, if you’re willing to let that power “level up” into something so great that it deserves its own hit video game.

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