The Road to Sisterhood; Walked upon the Bricks of Friendship

On the 10th of each month we’ll publish a pillar piece written by a sister, active or alumnae, to be featured on the national website. This month’s post was written by Gamma sister, Toni Johnson.

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I would like to start off with a quote from Sophia Nelson, award winning journalist, about sisterhood.

“True sisterhood cannot be forced. It is has to be developed with interest, patience, reciprocity and over time. Not every woman will be your best friend, nor should she be invited to be in your inner circle, but every woman is deserving of your respect and support when you are able to provide it. Sisterhood is not a trite word we throw around. Being your sister’s keeper should be a reflex. It should be based on how you would want to be treated if you were walking in her shoes. Sisterhood knows no boundary, no race, no class or geography. Sisterhood transcends and it transforms us for the better. Sisterhood is from the heart.”*

Truer words have never been spoken.

It is hard to be sisters if you are not friends first. When it comes to making bonds with people you are not blood related to it is important to lay down the bricks of friendship before you can journey the path to sisterhood.

Neither friendship nor sisterhood is an automatic given; both must be earned through respect and most importantly trust. Celebrating each other for just being who we are but also being a tool to one another that helps in growth.

You cannot have a successful relationship or be successful as an organization if you do not lay down the right bricks for a successful friendship and sisterhood.

“Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water; Jack fell down and broke his crown and Jill came tumbling after.” Now, if we look past the historical importance of this nursery rhyme (DON’T LOOK UP THE HISTORY BEHIND NURSERY RHYMES. Trust me when I say you DO NOT want to know), we realize there is a good and bad to everything. Climbing the hill to sisterhood means walking on bricks of friendship. Now, what do you think will happen when you try to climb that hill but you haven’t properly laid down the bricks? You will fall, just like Jack… and just like Jack you will most likely bring Jill down along with you.

A diamond does not become a diamond by having a smooth life. Coal is pressed, pulled, and forged in order to become the diamond. When it comes to being a sister it is important to promote growth in those around you – shaping one another.

But when you lay down the correct bricks of friendship, the road to sisterhood can and will be a glorious thing to experience and to behold.

What did the Gamma Associate Chapter teach me about sisterhood? They taught me that sisterhood is wrapped in unconditional love. They taught me that being a sister means being able to be honest but to still be filled with love for each other. Our sisterhood was laid with friendship, wrapped in trust, and topped off with love. Sisterhood meant dropping everything when a sister was in need. It meant cinnamon rolls and cookies covered in icing. It involved sleepovers and late night conversations. It meant that I could drive to a sister’s house at three o’clock in the morning and she would open the door for me without hesitation. Sisterhood is knowing, understanding, and caring for each other even when that sister isn’t behaving as herself.

“Women who understand how powerful they are do not give into envy over meaningless things, instead they fight to maintain the beautiful bond of the sisterhood. These are the real women who know that we need each other’s love and support to survive in this world. Love is the essence of being a woman. We must be that light of love that seals the bond and unique beauty of our sisterhood.” -Bindu


*Quote from “Time to Put the Sister Back in Sisterhood,” from The Huffington Post

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