National Convention 2014 – Award Winners

Congratulations to all of the Delta Xi Phi National Convention 2014 Award Recipients!


Outstanding Academic Performance Awards

The following sisters are awarded with the National Academic Achievement Recognition which is earned by those with a GPA from 3.5 to 3.7:

  • Burcu Atay, Lambda
  • Aissatou Bah, Eta
  • Kristy Bell, Rho
  • Ruth Burrows, Lambda
  • Sunny Cai, Lambda
  • Cecilia Cancellare, Delta
  • Caitlyn Carter, Upsilon
  • Erin Geel, Rho
  • Shavonda Johnson, Phi
  • Mackenzie Klem, Upsilon
  • Catherine Kohler, Phi
  • Shixin Lan, Alpha
  • Sydney Lawrence, Eta
  • Amanda Mei, Alpha
  • Rebekah Mooney, Omega
  • Melissa Moreau, Rho
  • Jenna Morin, Delta
  • Amanda Mueller, Lambda
  • Sarah Sheard, Eta
  • Toni Solaru, Phi

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The National Academic Distinction Recognition is presented to each sister who has a GPA between 3.7 and 3.9; the following sisters in are awarded with the National Academic Distinction Recognition:

  • Nahal Aghababa, Phi
  • Karrie Barbee, Xi
  • Alessandra Bautze, Lambda
  • Natalie Bennie, Omega
  • Isabel Bozada, Phi
  • Melanie Brown, Lambda
  • Krista Ciaccio, Rho
  • Olimpia Ferguson, Phi
  • Kelsey Hall, Omega
  • Alyssa Henry, Rho
  • Kathryn Laury, Omega
  • Leah LeBouef, Rho
  • Magna Leffler, Rho
  • Nicole Poland, Omega


The National Academic Excellence Recognition is presented to each sister who has a GPA of 3.9 or higher; the following sisters are awarded with the National Academic Excellence Recognition:

  • Arlynne Criste, Lambda
  • Desa Rae Herndon, Phi
  • Christina Luk, Lambda

Highest Chapter GPA
Recipient: Lambda Chapter – Cumulative GPA of 3.51

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Highest Individual GPA
Recipient: Desa Rae Herndon – Phi Chapter – Cumulative GPA of 4.0


Presidential Service Awards

America has a long and proud tradition of volunteer service. Each year volunteers are renewing their commitment to helping others and making new connections that bring us closer together as families, as neighbors, as communities, and as a Nation. The President’s Council on Service and Civic Participation was established in 2003 to recognize the valuable contributions volunteers are making in our communities and encourage more people to serve.

The President’s Council Bronze Volunteer Service Award is received when individuals have performed a minimum of 100 hours of service over the course of a year. The following sisters are receiving the bronze volunteer service award:

  • Andrea Broe 
  • Natalie Bennie 
  • Sarah Scisson 
  • Laura Van Beaver 
  • Jennifer Connell 
  • Jessica Noviello 
  • Justine Junker 
  • Kristina Gravlin 
  • Marissa Hackler 
  • Miranda Goodwin 
  • Natika Washington 
  • Sarah Hinshelwood 
  • Delaney McDonough 
  • Karrie Barbee 
  • Yesenia Marquez
  • Lindsay Smith
  • Tai Hensley
  • Chandi Patel
  • Erien Watson

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The President’s Council Silver Volunteer Service Award is received when individuals have performed a minimum of 175 hours of service over the course of a year. The following sisters are receiving the silver volunteer service award:

  • Lorena Reyes 
  • Shixin Lan 
  • Heather Connor 
  • Bianca Knight 
  • Brittany Savko 


The President’s Council Gold Volunteer Service Award is received when individuals have performed more than 250 hours of service over the course of a year. The following sisters are receiving the gold volunteer service award:

  • Viviana Nava 
  • Brittany Waryjas 
  • Arielle Howard 
  • Catherine Kohler 
  • Annette Sieczka 
  • Brittney Gray

Outstanding Community Service Awards  

The Outstanding Community Service Award is presented each year to the active sister and the chapter with the most community service hours.

Active sister
Recipient: Brittany Waryjas – Delta Chapter – 540 service hours

Associate Chapter/Chapter
Recipient: Delta Chapter – 1,604 service hours (average: 103.5 per sister)


Chapter Pillar Awards

Sisterhood Award
Recipient: Beta Associate Chapter

The Chapter Sisterhood Award is designed to recognize a chapter that has excelled in promoting sisterly bonds and collaboration between chapters.

This year’s winner worked to create sisterhood in all aspects of their lives. They implemented a study buddy system to promote sisterhood while working towards their academic goals, and throughout the year despite their increased efforts in fundraising for philanthropy and creating new events, they never forgot the importance of tending to their sisterhood bonds.


Friendship Award
Recipient: Lambda Chapter

The Chapter Friendship Award is designed to recognize a chapter that has excelled in creating positive relations with Greek and student organizations on its campus. The selected chapter has demonstrated active involvement in and contributions to its campus and Greek community.

The selected chapter has demonstrated active involvement in and contributions to its campus and Greek community. This year’s winner worked to re-establish ties with other Greek organizations on campus. They reached out with the hand of friendship to re-create a sense of community and was instrumental in re-establishing their campus’ Multicultural Greek Council.

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Multicultural Awareness Award
Recipient: Phi Chapter

One chapter is selected each year to receive the Multicultural Awareness Award, designed to recognize a chapter that has demonstrated a commitment to promoting discussion and understanding of diversity within the chapter and throughout campus.

Over the past year this chapter has worked to expand their view and definition of multiculturalism to include the plurality of experiences in the human expression. They worked on countless events, as organizers and spectators, including a successful program regarding the underserved Appalachian region and culture.

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Individual Honor Awards

Acevedo Advisors Award
Recipient: Ellen Semran, Rho Chapter

The Acevedo Advisors Award is an award which was created in honor of the former advisor of Alpha Chapter, Cathy Acevedo. As we all know, DXP advisors continue to play a vital role in the success of our chapters nationwide. Whether by assisting with campus relations, helping coordinate campus events, providing leadership or educational presentations, or simply serving as sister advocates, chapter advisors assist chapters in many honorable and extraordinary ways.

The chapter advisor of the year award goes to someone who has an extensive background in LGBTQ issues, works to educate her campus and community of LGBTQ+ awareness and facilitates trainings on what it means to have different identities in the LGBTQ+ community. She began a project to break down stereotypes in overall greek life so that LGBTQ indiviudals would feel more welcome in the greek community. She even purchased graduation stoles for seniors who were unable to order their own.

Brandie Nicole “Nikki” Murphy Memorial Scholarship
Recipient: Sarah Sheard, Eta Associate Chapter

The Brandy Nicole “Nikki” Murphy Memorial Scholarship was created in memory of Brandy Nicole Murphy, a sister of the Kappa Associate Chapter who passed in 2006. Since then, the award has been presented annually to a sister who exemplifies Nikki’s spirit and dedication to her sisters, her community and her education. Any sister who is in good standing with the organization and a full-time student is allowed to apply.

This year’s scholarship winner has truly shown an embodiment of our pillars.  She is a volunteer at two different area hospitals, was a mentor for underprivileged girls, and helped to rebuild homes in New Orleans.  Despite some personal barriers, she has given her time to help premature babies, has stepped up to be supportive to her chapter – helping them grow, and she has ambitions to work on medical missions to either Africa or Central / South America.

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National Board Member of the Year
Miranda Goodwin, Outgoing National Executive Vice President


Chapter Recognition

Mu Associate Chapter –  Ten Year Recognition (founded June 5, 2004)

Alpha Chapter – Twenty Year Recognition (founded April 20, 1994)

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Chapter of the Year

2014 Chapter of the Year Award
Recipient: Chi Associate Chapter

This year’s winner of the Chapter of the Year award was inspired by attendance at convention last year. They created a chapter judicial board and overhauled their recruitment process by updating events. These sisters worked tirelessly to better each other and create a supportive, safe place and “tough love” for sisters to communicate with each other, responding to a need they saw in their chapter for an emphasis on sister support. They created new chapter traditions, reached out to new organizations to create events and worked on philanthropy causes they were passionate about, such as National Eating Disorder Awareness Week. With these monumental efforts they have indeed proven to their campus that they are a real sorority and the sisters have an organization of which they can be proud.


2014 Chapter of the Year Runner-Up
Recipient: Lambda Chapter

The first runner up reinvigorated their members this past year. By reaffirming their dedication and working on their internal rapport and communication, this chapter experienced an extremely successful recruitment process. In addition to the internal work the sisters undertook, the chapter also took a leading role in helping provide a voice for other Greek organizations by working to re establish their governing council.

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2014 Chapter of the Year Second Runner-Up
Recipient: Phi Chapter

This year, the 2nd runner up for Chapter of the Year created a “signature” philanthropy event, worked to address the needs and health of the members and expanded their definition of multicultural while strengthening the bonds of friendship with other Greek organizations on campus.

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