Celebrating Cinco de Mayo!

Today we celebrate Cinco de Mayo, an opportunity to celebrate the Mexican Army’s victory over the French during the Battle of Puebla. Originating in Mexican American communities to commemorate the freedom and democracy during the Civil War, today it is embraced as a celebration of Mexican culture and heritage. Unfortunately, many approach the holiday with themed events and parties often without being aware of the true reason for the holiday or consideration of how their actions may be perceived by and impact individuals who identify with the original roots of the celebration.

We encourage you to take this opportunity to explore and embrace the rich Mexican-American culture in our communities today.  Join in the celebration, expand your knowledge and appreciation of the heritage.  Pause and take time to be conscious of the way you conduct yourself and how your celebrations may be perceived by others.  There are lessons to be learned from many past events among Greek communities (1, 2 & 3) and we encourage you to read about other celebrations and how they reflect on the Greek community as you plan for any Cinco de Mayo festivities you choose to partake in.  We expect that sisters of Delta Xi Phi will be respectful of all community member and embrace the celebration of cultural heritage.

We would encourage you to be mindful of your own actions and events but also to maintain an awareness of the celebrations happening around you.  This provides an opportunity for us to increase multicultural awareness and encourage respect and appropriate representation of this day in Mexican history.  We hope that you feel moved to speak out when you see events or representations that are inaccurate or disrespectful to the nature of the holiday and the Mexican American communities.  We wish you all a safe and enjoyable weekend and a pleasurable Cinco de Mayo encouraging you to discover more about the cultural significance of the holiday, the people and the heritage.

With D-Xi Love,
Delta Xi Phi National Board

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