Delta Xi Phi Celebrates 20 Years – by Jeanette Pavlik

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Dear Sisters,

I’ve often tried to picture what April 20th looked like 20 years ago for our Founding Mothers. To see a two-year journey of establishing DXP at UIUC finally reach it’s crowning moment – what a feeling of accomplishment and pride the Diamantes must have felt. I’m sure we can all agree they never expected us to stretch from coast-to-coast, grow to 24 chapters and have more than 1,000 sisters 20 years later. But how awesome is that?!

I challenge all of you to take a moment to reflect about the journey our sisterhood has made since that fateful day in 1994. Some of you weren’t even born yet, but I digress… Whether you founded a chapter on your campus because you also recognized a need for Delta Xi Phi, or you just joined us, in my opinion, there are very few days which will surpass the feeling on the day you became a sister. You have now transcended and built a lifelong bond with like-minded women and no one can take that away from you.

We continue to honor the Diamantes vision of Delta Xi Phi with the five pillars upon which we were founded: Increasing Multicultural Awareness, Advancement of Women through Higher Education, Community Service, Sisterhood and Friendship. We bleed Maroon and Navy Blue. We buy every Bengal Tiger we can get our hands on. We only buy yellow roses. And most importantly, we shine bright like the diamonds we are.

Thank you to Amani Abukhedir, Hanadi Abu-khedir, Lynette E. Alvarado, Erma L. Alvarez, Yvonne E. Alvarez, Monica Arciga, Maria G. Barrera, Maria Teresa Botello, Aida Derat, Leticia Escamilla, Christine Lopez, Elia Morales, Carla Ortega, Alma Rivera, and Nancy Tsao for having the courage to create the sisterhood that is so near and dear to so many of us!

In 20 years of D-Xi Love,


Written by Jeanette Pavlik, West Regional Advisor


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