Friendship Quotes that Resonate – by Brittany Savko

Friendship Quotes that Resonate


Written by National Secretary Brittany Savko

I was scrolling through Pinterest and stumbled across a quote about friendship that really resonates with me.

“A true friend doesn’t care when you’re broke, being a bitch, what you weigh, if your house is a mess, what you drive, about your past, or if your family is filled with crazy people. They love you for who you are.” – Unknown

Delta Xi Phi sisters fit that description.  We care about each other and don’t place judgement. We accept everyone’s diversity and are welcoming to all.

It’s amazing to see all the unique friendships and bonds grow through the sisterhood of Delta Xi Phi. Friendship between Xi Phi ladies doesn’t stop when we graduate college. We become each other’s roommates, mentors, bridesmaids, god parent’s to each other’s children, confidantes, secret-keepers, and late-night advice givers.

Our bonds don’t stop at the chapter level. We meet sisters at regional retreats and at Convention, when we move across state lines, and visit each other when we’re in each other’s cities. Some of us even meet and become friends through serving on the National Board.

Our bonds don’t stop at the organizational level, either. We show love for other sororities and fraternities through our cross-council friendships. I love seeing everyone post photos with sisters and brothers of other greek organizations; it shows the amount of friendship Delta Xi Phi ladies have for the community.

Friendship is very near and dear to our heart. Keep sharing your friendship, sisters, for Ralph Waldo Emerson once said:

“The only way to have a friend is to be one.” 

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