West Retreat Recap from Regional Advisor!

Greetings Sisters!

Traveling to the West Coast for me is never easy. I’m three time zones away, I usually want to go to sleep around 10pm and I wake up at 5am. Just as my body gets adjusted to the time difference, it’s time for me to head home. However, none of this prevents me from going there. Especially when it involves meeting new sisters, catching up with old ones and of course embracing our sisterhood and friendship pillars!

I had the pleasure of staying in Brentwood, CA at the home of Mu Founding Sister, Maria Guzman. Maria’s family is from Mexico and Spanish is their first language. Mine isn’t. I was slightly worried at first that it might be a problem, but thankfully it wasn’t. Her mother Martha and father Ignacio were so hospitable, kind and generous and I genuinely enjoyed getting to know her family while we had a little down time. Her brother Cesar is 6 years old and made a fool out of me when we played Super Mario Kart. I also was exposed to a few new foods, and I am proud to say I tried (and loved!) avocados for the first time. I’ll definitely be eating them more often!
Once we got to campus on Saturday morning, the girls came ready to work, thanks to lots of caffeine! We did some workshops on recruitment and academic success and then took some time to get to know each other and talked about our goals after graduation and why we all made the decision to join DXP. We finished Day 1 with a ritual workshop and had a wonderful dinner at Applebee’s with some of the Beta and Mu alums (Maria Guzman, Monica Vargas, Ivy Sanchez, Diane Abundabar and Mae Cacal). It was truly wonderful to meet and spend time with these ladies I only knew through Facebook prior to my trip.

The next morning we discussed Fundraising and Multicultural Workshop ideas and continued our amazing retreat with a personal accountability workshop called ‘Because I Said I Would.’ This organization is a social movement and nonprofit organization dedicated to bettering humanity through the power of a promise. To encourage positive change and acts of kindness, they will send promise cards to anywhere in the world at no cost. People use these cards to remember the importance of their word, for promises both big and small. I was really happy how receptive the girls were to the idea and both chapters are now using their promise cards to commit themselves more to their academics, personal and professional goals.

We finished off the retreat with a few hours of fun by bowling at the Davis Student Union. All in all, it was a wonderful retreat and I cannot wait to see what’s ahead next for our West Region!
D-Xi Love,
Jeanette ‘Rhé’ Pavlik
West Regional Advisor

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