Wacky Workout Series: Seeking writers keeping up with their NY resolutions

Hopefully as January comes to an end, you are still working hard to make sure you are fulfilling those new year’s resolutions that you seem to make (and break) every year.We are looking for those with uncommon solutions to their common resolutions to blog about their experience so far.

One of the most common resolutions people make each Jan 1st is to lose weight/become healthy which leads to an increase in gym memberships and really cute workout clothes in stores (totally bought myself some). While this is no surprise to, well, anyone, we want to hear about those who are doing something different besides pounding the pavement, or rather, the treadmill.

So let us know by commenting on this post or leaving a comment on our Facebook page about what you’re doing differently. Are you doing Zumba, Flirty girl fitness, or anything else? Let us know! You can either write your own post about it or have one of our Connections writers blog it for you.

We also want to know what else you’re doing to keep up with your other resolutions – besides working out. Do you have a unique resolution? Or are you doing something different to make sure you don’t break your resolution? Comment on the post or onFacebook and we’ll post it too! Don’t be shy!

Keep an eye out for our upcoming resolution posts. I’m even going to blog about my own wacky workouts – roller derby.


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