Annual Midwest Retreat Held at Xi Chapter

This past spring, the (now) Xi Chapter hosted the annual Midwest Retreat at Bowling Green State University. During the weekend of April 16th, chapters from the Midwest came to BGSU for a weekend of bonding, crafts, and fun in general. Due to scheduling conflicts, only the Xi and Phi chapters attended this years retreat.

A big part of the weekend was about communication. The Xi and Phi chapters discussed what each chapter practices during the year, what works well for them, what does not, and just tried to feed back off of each other in general.

“The weekend was a lot of learning our different styles and methods and learning how to reach out to our respective universities to host better events,” says Jeanette Pavlik, Phi sister, “During the day we also had two graduate students from BGSU’s Greek Life come in and speak to us about the best way to recruit quality, diverse prospects and how to appreciate our pillars better.”

“A lot of great ideas were tossed around about fundraising ideas as well as multicultural ideas,” says Ashley Osburn, Xi sister, “Xi and Phi learned a lot from the retreat and I believe this was a successful retreat.”

The weekend also consisted of making handmade letters (i.e. for shirts), dinner, going out in Bowling Green, and overall bonding in general. Throughout the whole weekend, the Xi and Phi sisters came together to get to know each other and the sorority and they have become better sisters, and have a stronger bond to each other. The newer members of each chapter, sisters that had recently crossed, got a better understanding of the sorority as well.

“I think the neos benefited from this weekend because they can see how other chapters are run,” says Jennifer Young, Xi sister, ” Ithink they see how close we are with other chapters and sisters. They see the bigger picture of a nationwide sisterhood, not just chapter or region specific.”

“[This retreat] helped me see [DXP] as a larger, national organization, because before I only knew my own chapter so it was difficult to think of myself as having so many other sisters across the country,” says Alicia LeDonne, Phi sister.

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