Rho Sister Spends Semester at Mississippi State

When most students want to learn about a different culture and make new experiences, they assume they need to study aboard and spend a lot of money doing so. What a lot of these students don’t know, is they can learn about different cultures and have new experiences without even needing a passport. They can take part of the National Student Exchange(NSE) program, which allows students to attend another school in the country for a semester or a year. Ellie Wilson jumped at the opportunity to participate in this program and spent the past semester studying at the Mississippi State University.

Wilson, a social work major, found out about NSE at her home campus, the University of New Hampshire (where the Rho Associate Chapter is located). She thought it was a great alternative to going aboard and being in a new environment while still paying UNH’s tuition. She decided to go to the MSU, home of the Gamma Associate Chapter.

“I liked MSU because it had a lot to offer, it looked like a beautiful campus, it had a chapter of DXP, and a social work program,” says Wilson about her choice.

Throughout her time in Mississippi, Wilson was genuinely enamored just by the culture in the south & the hospitality, something she noticed was different than in the north. She also really enjoyed her time at MSU and with the Gamma sisters.

“I loved my time with the Gamma Associate Chapter. They are a fantastic group of ladies,” she says, “They are very dedicated about the sorority and they welcomed me in with open arms. They really showed me what sisterhood is about and I was impressed by their love and respect for one another.”

While she is looking forward to going back home to New Hampshire and seeing her friends and family, she is going to miss Mississippi and MSU.

“I’ve learned so much down here and have grown as a person. From being at MSU, I have really learned to relax and be myself and not get so upset and affected by what other people think about me,” says Wilson.

The National Student Exchange program has been running since 1968. Participating institutions can be found in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Students interested in partaking in the program can spend either a semester or a year at a different institution while paying their home school tuition or the in-state resident tuition at the school they are going to.

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