Gamma Sisters Host ‘Xi-Phi Week!’

Each year, the Gamma Associate Chapter at Mississippi State University hosts an annual Xi Phi Week full of events that help promote the pillars of Delta Xi Phi. This past February, the Gamma sisters hosted a successful week that included events promoting Greek unity within the MSU community.

The events during Xi Phi Week consisted of Emerson Parent Day, a blood drive, a cancer awareness booth, “Xi-Phi Wars,” Greek vs. Food, and a Sisters only Dinner Date. The “Xi-Phi Wars” and Greek vs. Food events involved other Greek organizations, bringing a camaraderie amongst the organizations.

“My favorite event of the week would have to be the Xi Phi Wars! It was incredible!” says Keeona Rena, “About eight Greek organizations came out to support us by participating in the event. I can honestly say not only did it help our sorority in regards to promotion, but it was [also] a big step within Greek unity of the NPC and NPHC Greek councils!”

“Xi Phi Wars was a lot of fun!” says Tara Pflomm, “Picture a big game of Capture the Flag, but with all of the Greek Councils on campus! Omega Psi Phi captured the most flags, which were decorated by the participating organizations, winning the competition, and Phi Mu won for having the most team spirit!”

The other events throughout the week were successful in their own right as well. The Greek vs. Food was the other Greek-oriented event during the week. Although there were fewer Greek organizations there than at “Xi-Phi Wars,” Greek vs. Food was still a fun event for everyone who attended and who participated.

Xi Phi week was pretty well publicized by the Gamma sisters and turned out to be a successful week for the sisters. They have already noticed more unity amongst the Greek community, coming from the Greek participation during the events. Aside from the “Xi-Phi Wars,” a favorite among the Gamma sisters was also the sisters-only dinner with their dates.

“I think [Xi Phi week] impacted our chapter in a good way,” says Kayleen McGuckin, “It showed us that Greeks from different councils can come together and learn from each other. It made me and my sisters happy and motivated to utilize and unite our Greek community on MSU’s campus.”

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