It’s All Greek to Me!

Since September, the alumnae from Chicago are meeting (or at least trying to meet) once a month for a brunch to meet other alumnae, reconnect with old friends, and just have a good time with each other. Lea and I (but mostly Lea), came up with this idea back in the summer when she had moved here from Ohio and didn’t really know many sisters in the area although we knew there are TONS of alumnae from many chapters (since Delta’s located in Chicago and there are several chapters nearby). After taking a break in December (due to the holiday season and alumnae being super busy), we were back on in January and it was my turn to plan the event!

I wanted to go somewhere multicultural, since we are part of a multicultural sorority, and so I decided to go to Greektown because I had never eaten Greek food before and I knew it where it was (only a few blocks down from UIC, my alma mater). I had heard Athena Greek Restaurant had good food and after doing some research, I decided we would go there.

After deciding to drive into the city (I live in the boonies, so it’s always a trek), finding out that Athena has FREE valet parking was awesome. Our table was ready right away even though we were not all there (it’s called DXP time, we all run on it) but the wait staff was very nice about it.

I’m a pasta lover so it was natural that I would order the Makaronada Apli which is pasta tossed in tomato sauce and cheese. I thought, “Really? I’m at a Greek restaurant and I’m ordering spaghetti?” I’m a very picky eater and I stuck with my choice and I’m glad I did. It was actually nothing like spaghetti but it still tasted very delectable. I’m nothing like our food connoisseur Stephanie (check out her blogDiscovering Cultures through Cuisine) so I have no idea what ingredients I tasted, but it was very delicious and I’d order it again.

My dining companions were more daring and chose Greek foods you already heard of like lamb and mousaka and were also delighted with their meals, but a few of them chose to also order the saganaki as an appetizer and they loved it. Saganaki is goat cheese breaded in flour and then flamed in brandy and is an experience to eat. I didn’t get a chance to try it, so I’ll just have to go back for it. I say it is an experience because they flame it right in front of you. Opa!

Written by Izzie Karpierz

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