National Board Profile: Erin Kim, Executive Vice President

The National Board of Delta Xi Phi Multicultural Sorority, Inc. is comprised of 15 alumnae members who became sisters at different chapters across the nation. The National Board members are responsible for overseeing chapters, helping expand to new schools, as well as making sure the national constitution is upheld, among other responsibilities.

Erin Kim is the Executive Vice President of Delta Xi Phi. She is responsible for monitoring and overseeing the community service that DXP members perform. She also oversees the various committees and assists the National President as needed. Kim is also the Convention Committee Chair making sure the committee manages to meet deadlines for a successful convention.

“I like being on the Executive Board and working with the women I work with,” says Kim, “I’ve worked with some of these women for almost five years and continuing our work has been great. I also love that there are new members on the board that I get to watch develop.”

Kim works as a Data Entry Supervisor for Iron Mountain, in charge of overseeing two Data Entry teams and supervising 12 individuals. She works about 50-60 hours a week and attends school in the evenings. Kim is currently working on her MBA.

“My life is quite busy and hectic but I don’t think I’d have it any other way,” she says.

She chose to run for this position because she wanted a role on the Executive Board and to serve the sisterhood in a more direct contact leadership position. In her position as Executive Vice President, Kim hopes to better DXP’s commitment to community service through new and different opportunities and by making the reporting process even easier. She also hopes to strengthen the committees so that the National Board and other committee members are able to meet their goals and make sure the whole sorority benefits.

“Delta Xi Phi and being a part of the board has enabled me to gain lots of leadership experience and skills,” says Kim.

Kim was a sister of the Beta Chapter at California State University – Chico since Spring 2001. She graduated in the Spring of 2006 with a degree in Sociology. She will be celebrating her 10 year anniversary in DXP this April.

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