Meet Members of the Expansion Committee

Expansion is clearly an integral part of Delta Xi Phi. Since being founded in 1994 at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, the sorority has grown to include 21 chapters located at schools in 14 states across the nation.

These chapters were founded with the help of a National Expansion Chair who is basically a New Member Educator for the chapter while they are still a colony. While there is still a National Expansion Chair, she now has a newly formed Expansion Committee to help her with expansion duties and help Delta Xi Phi grow to more schools across the nation.

The Expansion Committee is made up of a representative from the four regions where DXP schools are located – the East, South, West, and Midwest – and the National Expansion Chair. Each representative is also a part of her respective Regional Council. The committee helps the Expansion Chair with her duties in their own regions, such as researching and contacting schools regarding expansion.

The ladies who make up the Expansion Committee come from different backgrounds and different regions. Here is some information about them:

Lea Madry is the National Expansion Chair and head of the Expansion Committee. Unlike the other members of the committee, Madry is on the National Board and was elected to her position at the most recent National Convention. She is one of the founding sisters at the Phi Chapter at the Ohio State University. Their chapter was founded on May 7, 2009.

“I specifically ran for National Expansion Chair because, as a founding sister of Phi, the expansion process really meant a lot to me,” says Madry, “Having been involved in it every step of the way as an undergraduate, I wanted the opportunity to facilitate that very special experience for our future sisters.”

Madry oversees the Expansion Committee as they work to expand DXP to other schools in the nation. She is the main contact for any groups interested in establishing a chapter at their school and will be their New Member Educator should they go through the process. Her goal for the committee is to make sure the sorority grows in an effective, efficient way during her term as National Expansion Chair.

Alisha Stevens is the Expansion Committee Representative for the East region. She is a founding sister of the Upsilon Associate Chapter at Keene State College and they were founded on January 10, 2009. After graduating in May and going to convention in August, Stevens realized that she wanted to stay involved with the sorority and thought that joining the committee would be a great way for her to do so without taking up so much of her time.

“I am enjoying it,” says Stevens about the committee thus far, “I LOVE when my inbox has a new email in it from a Delta Xi Phi account, and am anxiously hoping for more to happen in the East so I can try to help out a little more!”

Miranda Goodwin is the Expansion Committee Representative for the South Region. She helped found the Kappa Associate Chapter at the University of Alabama – Tuscaloosa on May 3, 2003 and has served many positions at her associate chapter and on National board since then. Goodwin was asked to join the committee to help with expansion efforts in the South. This allowed her to stay involved with the sorority but still have more time to continue her education as a graduate student.

“I am hoping to create new positive experiences and views of how southern schools and administration accept multiculturalism,” says Goodwin, “Through my personal experiences as a founding sister at Kappa, we ran into many negative situations. Insofar, my correspondence with the schools has been positive and accepting. My mind will always remain open and hopeful regarding my efforts to expand our values and hold our pillars in the highest esteem while hoping to spread the message of diversity and multiculturalism.”

Diane Abundabar is the Expansion Committee Representative for the West Region. She is a sister of the Beta Associate Chapter at California State University – Chico since Spring 1999. She held many positions on the National Board since graduating, including National Expansion Chair. Abundabar took some time away from DXP during the past few years and wanted to become involved again, especially since DXP now has more experience with expansion.

“I am quite proud of how our sorority has grown since I crossed,” says Abundabar, “We have built this sorority from the ground up and believe that through the work of many dedicated sisters, our foundations are solid. Strategic growth with interested prospective members will help our organization help support chapters that are isolated and build the DXP network across the country.”

Izzie Karpierz is the Expansion Committee Representative for the Midwest Region. She is a sister of the Delta Chapter at the University of Illinois at Chicago since December 8, 2007. She wanted to stay involved with the sorority, besides her commitment to keeping the Connections blog updated as much as possible, and thought that the Expansion Committee would allow her to do something in her free time.

“I really like being a part of the committee,” says Karpierz, “Call me nerdy but I kinda like researching other schools to potentially expand DXP to and I get even more excited when they respond to my emails!”

If you are a student or a school interested in learning more about Delta Xi Phi Multicultural Sorority, Inc., please continue reading the blog posts and visit ourWebsite. If you are interested in expanding Delta Xi Phi at your school, please visit this link and submit a web inquiry.

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