“Diamonds are Forever” …& so are our memories

Delta Xi Phi sisters traveled from all over the country to meet in Las Vegas, Nevada during the first weekend of August for the 12th annual National Convention. Sisters spent the “Diamonds are Forever” themed weekend participating in officer training, attending meetings, meeting new sisters, and enjoying the Las Vegas attractions. Here’s what they had to say about the weekend they had and the memories they made.

Why they attended – For some sisters, it was mandatory for them to attend convention to participate in officer training. Other sisters came in because they wanted to go to convention and/or Las Vegas.

“I attended convention for two reasons, the main reason being [that] I attended last year’s in Memphis and had a BLAST. I knew what I would be missing and couldn’t bear the thought of not attending this year! I love to meet all my sisters from across the country and hear their stories and of course make new memories with them that you can only get at convention!” says Erica Tremblay, Upsilon sister.

“Besides being elected secretary for this upcoming year, my sisters thought it would be great for me to get into the loop of things, meet sisters from other chapters, and just experience this whole other side of the sorority,” says Anay Rodriguez, Eta Sister.

Traveling – Traveling to Las Vegas was quite an adventure for most sisters. A lot of sisters’ flights were delayed and so they got there later than planned. Some sisters opted to drive instead of fly and spent many hours bonding before they even got to convention. Many sisters flew alone, but several traveled together.

“I traveled with my NME. It was fun since I have never been on a plane before but it did get a little tiring,” says Dyana Collins, Iota sister, who flew in from Massachusetts.

Convention & Meeting Sisters – One of the highlights of attending convention is meeting sisters from all across the nation. Another is celebrating with the newly found friends at the formal banquet held on the last night.

“I love interacting with sorors from different chapters. Talking about the differences, hearing about their experiences but still being able to get along and vibe so easily – it’s great,” says Tiffany Reese, Kappa sister.

“The most memorable thing about convention was of course the banquet! I love meeting with all of my beautiful sisters that last night; dancing, reminiscing, celebrating and awarding,” says Tara Pflomm, Gamma sister, “Letting my hair down with my sisters, strutting, dancing, laughing, eating – Nothing better!”

Las Vegas – This year was the second that convention was held in a city where there is no DXP chapter, but the first not held at a university in the city. The locale definitely contributed to the atmosphere surrounding convention.

“One thing I really liked about convention this year, was the hotel it was held in,” says Amanda Laney, Beta sister and National Secretary, “From a National Board perspective, it was a lot easier to have everything held in the same place as we were already staying, that made it much easier to keep all the business on schedule!”

“I think the strip in general was very memorable, especially the night lights. I loved seeing everything lit up and ‘sparkling,’ it was truly amazing and I couldn’t take it all in fast enough!” says Tremblay.

The 13th annual convention will be held next year in Columbus, Ohio.

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