Countdown to Convention – What to Do in Las Vegas

There are many opportunities for DXP sisters to go out and explore the city of Las Vegas during the 12th annual National Convention held from August 5th – 8th. Although “Sin City,” as Las Vegas is also called, is known for its many casinos, nightclubs, bars, and other venues where patrons must be over 21 years old, there are many exciting things to do for those who are under 21. Many of these venues are also open until midnight or later, so people can still go out on the weekend and have fun, without having to be of age.

Sirens of TI” – Located at the Treasure Island Hotel-Casino, “Sirens of TI” is an 18 minute show full of pyrotechnics, acrobatics, pirates, and of course sirens. The pirates and sirens battle against each other, causing the ship to “sink” during each performance. During the five years that the show has been running, there have been over 4000 performances. Since the ship “sinks” during the performance, it has traveled more than 275 miles. The show is performed four times each evening (weather permitting) at 5:30, 7, 8:30, & 10pm and is free to all.

Worldly Experiences – DXP sisters can enjoy multiculturalism while in Vegas by visiting two attractions inspired by other countries. At the “Eiffel Tower Experience,” sisters can view Las Vegas from 50 stories above ground at the half-scale Eiffel Tower at Paris Las Vegas. The tower measures 541 feet tall with an observation deck at 460 feet. It’s open daily from 9:30am – 12:30am. Admission is $10 until 7:30 and $12 after. Just down the road, sisters can explore a new culture at the Venetian. “Gondola Rides” are open daily where a group of four can enjoy a scenic ride either indoors or outdoors for only $16. They are open 10am – 11pm Sunday-Thursday and are open until 12am on Friday and Saturday. Sisters who arrive 15minutes before they open can hope to catch the gondoliers singing to begin their day.

Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat” – This facility was opened in 1990 and happens to be one of the projects of the world-famous duo, Siegfried & Roy. Located at the Mirage, admission to both exhibits is $15. The Dolphin Habitat is really a research facility, where visitors can be educated about these creatures and see their naturalistic habits, even though they do not regularly perform. The Secret Garden hosts a variety of wild cats which are different than the big cats visitors think of as the “norm.” Siegfried & Roy have dedicated much time to preserving these species from extinction.

Show in the Sky” – “Show in the Sky” is located at the Rio Hotel – Casino and is performed five times every night. Performers dance and sing to popular songs in an edgy pop, Latin or burlesque style. Sisters are not likely to get bored as each production is performed in a different style. Admission is free, but visitors can pay $12.95 to dress up and ride along on the floats.

These are only a few of the many attractions in Las Vegas that sisters who are not 21, and even those that are, can go to and enjoy their time in Las Vegas. For more attractions or other information about Las Vegas, visit

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