Countdown to Convention in Las Vegas

The 12th annual National Convention is fast approaching in about a month. The convention will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada, from August 5th – 8th. This convention is different than previous ones as it is the first to be hosted by the National Board instead of an individual chapter.

Normally, national conventions have been held on university campuses across the nation where a chapter is located with the exception of last year’s convention held at the University of Memphis. This year, it will be held at the Hampton Inn Tropicana, the first time convention will be hosted at a hotel instead of a university campus. At the Hampton Inn, DXP sisters can expect the normal hotel amenities, such as a swimming pool, complimentary breakfast, professional meeting rooms, and more comfort than what dorms tend to offer.

“The Hampton Tropicana was overall more cost effective than UNLV once we compared the total expenses of both venues,” says Miranda Goodwin, Vice-president, “The other reason is that in the past there have been complaints about staying in the ‘dorms’ and that sisters would prefer the comfort of a hotel.”

This year’s theme is “Diamonds Are Forever,” a popular James Bond film from 1971, which was partially filmed in Las Vegas.

“We felt it was a nice blending of symbolism with the sorority’s stone and paying homage to Vegas with the connect to the James Bond movie,” says Vicki Nelson, President.

Although sisters can expect to have a good time while meeting with sisters from across the nation in addition to the Vegas entertainment, they should still expect to take care of sorority matters.

“Convention is also a time for us to do business. While I realize it’s not everyone’s favorite thing to do, it’s an essential part of us maintaining a strong and viable organization,” says Erin Kim, National Expansion Chair.

Sisters who attend convention are still going to be attending similar workshops to those previously present at past conventions, however, the National Board is revamping some of the workshops to improve on them. As a part of the general meetings this year, chapter delegates are also going to be electing sisters to be a part of the new National Board for the next two years. Something new that is planned for this convention is the introduction of the “Sister Social,” where sisters will have time set aside to specifically mingle with each other.

In addition to all the planned events, alumnae sisters who are attending convention have their own schedule for the weekend. There will be an alumni ceremony, workshop, and several opportunities to visit several Las Vegas attractions, like a tour of the M&Ms and Coca-Cola Factory.

“Another improvement [of the convention program] is the number of activities for alumni, a few years ago, there was no incentive for alumnae to attend, and now they have their own itinerary!” says Goodwin.

Registration for convention is due Monday, July 5th, 2010, to guarantee accommodations for the weekend from Thursday, August 5th – Sunday, August 8th. More information can be found at

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