Kappa Sister Starts Customization Business

Kappa sister, Ashley Sparks, likes designing images on her computer. Art has been a passion of hers that she has been making customized images for DXP and several sisters. Making all of these projects has inspired her to start a customization business called Sparkymouse Customs, which caters mainly to Greek organizations.

Sparks uses Photoshop for most of her designs and then tweaks them and makes them unique to Delta Xi Phi or the individual sister. She personalizes her customizations and tries to bring a part of each sister to the image. She always manages to get each sister’s personality across like in this picture made for Liz Swenk, of Delta.

“I hope they will be able to express themselves through my designs,” says Sparks of sisters using Sparkymouse Customs for their customization needs.

Sparkymouse Customs got its start when Sparks went into the campus bookstore at the University of Alabama and noticed that most of the Greek merchandise  for sororities were for the ones that are in the National Panhellenic Council or the National Pan-Hellenic Council. There wasn’t much merchandise for other organizations, let alone Delta Xi Phi.

“I wanted to create a venue where multicultural organizations could get ready-made or customized [paraphernalia],” says Sparks of her inspiration to start her new business.

Many of Sparks’ images have already been used for (DXP) flyers, especially at Kappa Associate Chapter. Some, such as the picture here, have been used for recruitment, whereas others have been for event promotion, among other uses.

Even though Sparkymouse Customs is still just starting out, there has been a lot of positive feedback from DXP sisters and many requests for personal images. Hopefully, Sparks’ business will soon be growing.

“I would like to reach out and create for more organizations. Maybe even have a chain of stores one day,” Sparks says, “And I hope to be able to promote multicultural Greek organizations and uphold the pillars of Delta Xi Phi.”

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