Delta Xi Phi Now Accepting 2016 Amendment Proposals

Delta Xi Phi is now accepting amendment proposals for the 2016 National General Assembly Meeting. Sisters can access the form to submit an amendment proposal through the Sister Portal or HERE. You may also submit proposals directly to

Amendment proposals must be submitted by December 1, 2015 to be voted on at the 2016 National General Assembly Meeting. Since we are not holding a traditional Convention this year, the National General Assembly meeting will be held in conjunction with the Midwest Summit on April 23, 2016 in Milwaukee, WI.

As a reminder, all amendments are voted on as submitted. Please review your proposals carefully to ensure they do not contain any errors. Members of the National Board are happy to provide feedback, guidance, and/or assistance upon request!


Delta Xi Phi Helps Launch Major National Marketing Campaign for Greek Life

Delta Xi Phi Helps Launch Major National Marketing Campaign for Greek Life

There is a new story being told about fraternities and sororities, and Delta Xi Phi is proud to be a part of it.

A marketing campaign called “ReThink Greek” was launched this fall and built by Innova (, a marketing company focused on growing fraternities and sororities. It’s described as “a radical national marketing campaign to shape the future of fraternities and sororities…targeting unexpected students who value a modern approach to Greek Life.” Dozens of campuses and inter/national fraternities and sororities are participating in the campaign.

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 7.17.15 PM

The website,, is the central hub of the campaign. Along with all the other marketing materials, the site is aimed at high achieving, low-risk, thoughtful, selfless students and their parents. You can read the press release and see some of the additional materials here.

The ReThink Greek campaign was born from the lack of a single, positive, inclusive narrative for the entire fraternal industry. ReThink Greek approaches promoting Greek Life from two angles. Through some of the marketing efforts, the campaign makes a direct and bold approach, sharing the power of Greek Life in no uncertain terms. Through other marketing efforts, the campaign takes a more subtle approach — the language, design, videos, and materials speak to students who want something “more than the typical college experience.” In these efforts the campaign is hinting at the wonder of Greek Life, and directing prospective members and their parents to (which redirects to

Delta Xi Phi members can participate in ReThink Greek through social media or by connecting your campus community with the campaign. Follow @ReThinkGreek on Twitter, Like on Facebook, search and share images tagged with #ReThinkGreek on Instagram, and check out the powerful collection of stories and posts at


Expansion Groups at UC Berkeley & Washington State University!

We’re excited to expand on the west coast! Click ‘read more’ below to learn more about expansion efforts happening at Washington State University and UC Berkeley!

Interested students can click on the respective school above that will link to the expansion group’s Facebook page! Each page highlights upcoming information sessions and recruitment events. Have a question about expansion at these schools or in general? Feel free to reach out to!

Happy Founder’s Day! DXP Celebrates 21 Years of Existence!

Happy Founder’s Day! Today Delta Xi Phi celebrates 21 years of existence. Thank you to our founding mothers, our “Diamantes,” for creating an amazing, beautiful organization that so many of us are thankful for today. We come together to increase multicultural awareness, advance women through higher education, perform community service, and enjoy sisterhood and friendship. We are the women of Delta Xi Phi Multicultural Sorority, Incorporated!

April National Board Spotlight Part 1: Erien Watson!

National Board Spotlight!
Each month we will feature a National Board member on the blog. One of our April spotlights is South Regional Advisor, Erien Watson!


As we move closer to summer, the DXP National Board always gets pumped for Convention…and that includes Erien!
“Convention is always my favorite part of being on the National Board. I’m super excited about this one in Atlanta. Having Convention back in the South is going to be so much fun! A lot of sisters have never visited the South and I love to show sisters new experiences within our diverse country.”


Speaking of the south, one of Erien’s big goals for this term is to expand the chapters in her region. “I feel like it’s hard to be a multicultural sorority in the South, however…we are trailblazers in this movement.”
Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 12.41.14 AM
Erien brings a lot of great experience to the National Board as she was a member of our Gamma Associate Chapter at Mississippi State University. She hopes her region can grow so that more women can experience Delta Xi Phi and all our sorority has to offer!


When asked about her favorite college/DXP memory, Erien again references Convention. “Meeting new sisters across the country was always my favorite part of being in the sorority…so again, Convention was my favorite! Having those instant bonds with sisters that you have never met is a feeling like no other.” Erien mentions that even as an alum, she is still close with sisters she met at Convention all those years ago.


Erien was really jazzed to host Convention in her home city of Atlanta this summer, but a new job has recently moved her to New Orleans, Louisiana! She loves the culture of her new city, and references all the fun and excitement that is continually happening (festivals, concerts, & events galore)! As Mardi Gras is her favorite time of year, she’s grateful to have been able to experience it this year as a true NOLA citizen!
Outside of work and volunteering on the DXP National Board, Erien enjoys reading and traveling (especially when it involves beaches).
“My bookshelf has actually run out of space to put all of my books. I am obsessed with Harry Potter…that is my favorite series of all time!”
As Dumbledore gave advice to Harry, Erien has advice for all Delta Xi Phi active sisters: “just keep going. I know sometimes sorority life can be overwhelming and stressful, but you have to believe in what you are doing and continue to do it, because if not you – who?”
Sisters can look forward to meeting Erien in Atlanta this summer at #DXPConvention2015! She can also be reached at



Sisters – be sure to participate in our annual April photo challenge! Started by Gamma alum Toni Johnson in 2014, the April photo challenge allows sisters from across the country (and sometimes the globe!) to connect via photographs during our founding month! Each day has a unique theme and we encourage sisters to participate on any social media site they use (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).

Remember to use the hashtag #DXPPhotoChallenge2015….and be sure to follow us on our social media accounts to see all the fantastic photos! We are @deltaxiphi on Instagram, “Delta Xi Phi Multicultural Sorority, Inc.” or “Delta Xi Phi Nationals” on Facebook, and @DeltaXiPhiHQ on Twitter.

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